Disconnected RIA

In this article David Van Couvering present a solution to develop a disconnected Rich Internet Application, the idea is to record events in a local storage in the disconnected mode and synchronize all when application come back in the connected mode. I study this but my approach was different and more concentrated on the synchronisation between heterogeneous database structure for enterprise application. The presented approach in the article is correct for PIM application but for more sophisticated application it need improvements.

Desktop framework

What framework for desktop application development ? it’s this forum question. The answers show there’s not a lot of solutions and no leader framework. This is an exhaustive list :

  • XUI : big compatibility (Swing, SWT, AWT, HTML) maybe too much, XML conception, data binding, there’s what we need in such framewrk
  • Wazaabi : c.f. article
  • Monoi : for Eclipse RCP, axed in first time on data binding, should evolved with an XML format for GUI conception and a widgets library
  • Swing Application Framework et Beans Binding : the 2 JSR from Sun on this subject, we wait for the first implementations
  • Genesis : a binding framework, no XML conception but an approach with acpect and annotations concept

We already see 2 approach, in one hand with XML in another hand annotations. This frameworks must offer an API binding, a widget library, an event management library, an XML conception of the UI. Microsoft and Macromedia already use the XML concept in a proprieratary way. Microsoft with XAML in the center of the development process with Expression tools for designer and Visual Studio for developers. The same for Macromedia Flex with MXML and the Flex Builder development tool.

Mylar : Eclipse Plugin

Mylar is a task management eclipse plugin, the Mylar’s advantage is to associate context on tasks. A statistic show that users spend 75% time navigating in their project, Mylar optimize this by filtering the navigator view on elements (class, methods, resources, …) link to the task. The navigator is dynamically update by investigating the bug. An other important advantage is the integration with bug tracker, actually only bugzilla, jira and trac have been integrated and a generic integration is in dev.

GUI Conception

The discussion is on, what is the best approach for the GUI conception, a visual editor

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which generate code or XML ? I think XML is better. But what about the data binding, should have to be integrated in the XML or in an other way (namespace in the smae XML file, other XML file, annotations like JBoss SEAM, …), the question have open a bug in eclipse. So, for me, the GUI conception have to be represent in XML, like in the WEB with HTML. Is the good way to clearly separate the model and the view. It’s also the orientation that microsoft take with XAML and the Expression tools for the designer and Visual Studio for coders. When a NetBeans with Matisse generating JAXX file with data binding in the way describe by the JSR 295 Beans Binding and JSR 296 Swing Application Framework. When a visual Editor in eclipse generating XSWT in conjonction with jFace Data Binding.

Existing GUI XML approachs :
– GUI XML pour Swing et SWT

+ a comparison

– Designer WYSIWYG

XUL for Eclipse RCP = Wazaabi

Developping an Eclipse RCP application in XUL language is posible. The PROXIAD (french) company support the open source Wazaabi which do that. You can associate a model (databinding)

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and describe events. I began a same solution with JFace DB and XSWT.
The Quick Start Guide introduce clearly the features of this tool.