BIRT DESIGNER-Hide/Show a component

On a project using BIRT I was confronted with this problem. I generate complex reports using components and datasets defined in a library. I wish to show a component only if the bound dataset contains data.
The operation is simple but I looked for the most generic solution. Indeed the component will be used in some reports and the update operations have to be the simplest as possible.
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My new alarm clock

It’s a long time since I stopped using an alarm clock, I wake up with technical issues that I thinking about. This morning the Wake Up, the first event at La Cantine organized by Didier will allow me to find answers by sharing knowledge and experiences. On the menu this time: REST architectures with the « nouvelle cuisine » concept. A small committee for an interesting debate. A place where we can discuss technology between geek. It was nice to find old friends, and as I said one night around a slivovice with Didier in Prague about the turnover in our company: the spirit is still there. Thanks Didier 😉

Go back to JavaFX

In a previous post i said JavaFX lack was a design tool to promote a good relationship between developers and designers, essential for membership of the community around this technology. Knowing that designers will not change tools easily the best approach would be to make a bridge between the existing design tools and JavaFX. That is the purpose of Project NILE by offering a Illustrator and Photoshop plugin to export a FXD or a FX file but also a SVG converter and a graphic viewer.
It’s the good strategy i think, so I realized a test.
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Composite oriented programming

What lack in the object-oriented programming to invent a new concept ? According to Rickard Öberg, best practices and design patterns are not completely respond to all modelling problematics. The domaine driven design shows that the objects have different behaviour according to the contexts in which they are used. An object model must be adaptable

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TETRA approach : developer, designer, ergonomist and orchestrator

The adoption of rich client is not only a craze for a new fashion concept, it’s a response to a request from users thinking that computing should be simple and intuitive. Technologies and tools are being put in place, but we need to think how to design applications involving more user in the visual interface. Rich client now allows us to realize all that users can imagine and it’s this ability that makes this concept innovative. The problem is that the user does not always able to imagine what would be the best UI for him, we must involve people who know the business, mastering ergonomics conceptss, have knowledge of design and how it can cost in terms of development. It’s this set of skills that we must coordinate to answer to the expression of user needs. We can sum up this approach in the form of a tetrahedron:


Orchestrator have the particular role of reconciling the technical and the visual with the trade. The difficulty lies in finding the person who is familiar with the three above concepts and is able to understand the subtleties of different trades. In my opinion, the success of a rich client project go through this approach.

FLEX vs AJAX vs GWT on the Grid

The title is a little a canvasser but the purpose of this post is rather to get acquainted with 3 manners to make RIA and to compare them through a central component of an application: the grid.
I was thus used to recreate a simple screen containing a label, a button and a grid.

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Semantic Web

Would web research suit you fine ? if you interested about a law or health problem, keywords you type in Google answer a lot of informations, althought all of them talking about your problem you have to investigate to find the good answer. This can be improve with specific technics concentrate in on term : semantic web. This concept exist since long time ago and it’s a major aspect for the W3C. Principals spécifications are RDF and OWL.

So why this concept isn’t more used and specifically by search engines ?

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