eo Tuf Tab 7112XT : rugged UMPC

IPhone is too small for web navigation, laptop is too big for mobile using (subway, bus, …). UMPC is a good compromise for powerfull and lightweight terminal. The problem is to fing the good one. Azus eeePC have a great success but it not correponds to my needs. I don’t want keyboard, if you have tested the write recognition on Windows XP tablet edition tou know what i mean. Keyboard is good for long text and on the desk, but write recognition is better for small text in mobile environment (SMS, mail, Internet search, …). The problem with write recognition is the deletion and specific words. I’m lucky to develop software solutions for mobile emergency department, then i have oppotunities to test some hardware. I use actually the eoTuf Taf 7112XT, an rugged UMPC (IP51).

After battery problems i think it’s the perfect format and correct weight. I use Google reader in the subway and bus with my phone via Bluetooth. The battery is hot when it charge and the processor less power when tablet is on battery. More space for screen and buttons deported on the back site or border would be the best. It’s the tablet i prefer now but i remark that softwares are not adapted to the stylet and finger use. We have to improve this.