The authors :

  • Sébastien Letélié : Always on the lookout for new technologies related to the Internet, his leitmotiv is to find solutions useful and effective for users. R & D is essential for him in all business and doing part of his work. Author of XDI : a framework developed at the end of a research project on mobile computing.
  • Cyril Balit : an atypical way, from a training in biology converted into information technology, he used all languages before to choose Javascript and create the open source framework Rialto: a graphics library in Javascript which has nothing to envy to Ext.

The blog :
At one time the developer retained his knowledge, thinking that this would make it necessary or give recognition to his entourage as a magician. This time is over and the sharing of knowledge is a great thing for everyone. The magic remains, and this blog provides ingredients here to find new tricks.