Semantic Web : dream or reality ?

The Semantic Web is beginning to increasingly speak of him with these promoters and detractors. The very rich and interesting article Pirmin Lemberger gives a philosophical point of view which I agree in part.

Indeed I do not believe in a whole establishment and new "relevant" search engines. What I believe in is semantic web service. What’s difference you say, well, simply that the semantic web must meet only the issue of data understanding by machines. These data may be on the web or in proprietary databases, what is interesting is to convey them via the network and exploit them using web standards (RDF, OWL). The semantic approach takes meaning and not trying to revolutionize the principle of the web. The semantic web service is a value added for a website advocating that its content is relevant. The owner have to sell the relevance in proving the quality of its content. The use of this service could then be paid and would become an alternative to advertising, major source of income for the web. These services will be targeted and belong to specific domains (eg: knowledge base of cardiology, target: cardiology, domain: healthcare). The data will then be exploited by others (inference engine, search engine) and will improve the processing of information without taking precedence over intuition and choice. A concrete example is a physician who uses a clinical decision support engine exploiting knowledge bases, it remains responsible for its choice, the tool help him in information processing, which is very useful especially in emergency department.