Semantic Web

Would web research suit you fine ? if you interested about a law or health problem, keywords you type in Google answer a lot of informations, althought all of them talking about your problem you have to investigate to find the good answer. This can be improve with specific technics concentrate in on term : semantic web. This concept exist since long time ago and it’s a major aspect for the W3C. Principals spécifications are RDF and OWL.

So why this concept isn’t more used and specifically by search engines ?

The problem for a semantic search is that you need to use "identified" data and to solve this you have to rewrite all HTML pages by adding metadata describe content. Even more you have to define the metadata : we talking about ontology. There is no universal ontology but by domain.

Then semantic web can’t be used ? of course no, Google is actually use semantic, specific sites are already semantic : Wikipedia, the blogs, … and semantic search engines exists and compete with Google :

I let you compare the results of the question "Where is eiffel tower ?" between Powerset and Google to get your mind around. In addition initiatives like Triplify aim to "semantified" the Web : it would be more easy for us.

Semantic approach is th future of search engines but not only, it’s also the capacity to make data readable and understand by computers. It open new innovative way in particular via web services. I started a new project talking about that int the heathcare domains and advantages are obvious and drive directly to the artificial intelligence.