eXo Platform Enterprise Suite

It was a pleasure to assist at the launch of eXo platform final product range for company’s portal. Benjamin Mestrallet and Francois Moron were able to meet quality people that even the greatest would like to have for their presentations. After a brief history of eXo platform, Benjamin introduce the 4 new products :

  • ECM
  • Collaboration Suite (mail, contacts, calendar)
  • Live room (video conference)
  • Forum / Faq

Following by 2 project presentations using eXo platform:

  • M6 Intranet
  • Belgian Financial Ministry Intranet

Both are happy of their choice and confident for the following (the two projects are not yet fully complete). The platform is based on the standards and provides a customizable and scalable framework.

In the second part, a round table was organized with

Questions about what is a web application today, about the SaaS concept (which is part of the section), about how to manage the "offline", about the UI and the rich user experience. Tristan insists on standards and he’s right. Dave Armstrong shows that Google’s approach is to provide tools for everyone to make the ability create things like the greatest. Eric Mahe insists on the quality. Mickaël Chaize confirms the vision I have on Adobe products and highlights the collaborative approach between designers and developers.

Is the plugin concept in browser is a mistake like Tristan Nitot said ? I think also standards have to be here but users will not wait 10 years. The Microsoft / Adobe / Sun vision, saying that the browser is the entry point for rich applications but is not intended to contain them all, is more appropriate. The Saas still have work to address the problems of security and management of sensitive data.

The WebOS is a great solution but difficult to integrate existant old applications without refactoring all code. For my question about the ability to integrate local devices (serial port, USB, bluetooth) : "wild card" for everyone, as if the need had not been identified.

It is interesting and rewarding to confront even technology specialists, but I’m afraid forgotting the user needs. I think it is essential for us technological experts to never lose touch with the user. For my part I appreciate every day to work directly with physician who make me realize that technologies should enable me to meet their expectations. The rich client is the result of this lack. We must not forget that we are builder of their dreams not ours.