News on OSGi

I really believe in the OSGi payday loan technology, i think it’s an innovative element in application. Although a lot of payday loans online no credit check us believe in it, the implementation in applications is not payday loans online direct lenders a common payday loan way. In fact we payday the heist must have have to make our applications services oriented to use the advantages of OSGi.

Interface21 began to invest in this online payday loan technology payday max with Spring OSGi, now the 1.0 is out and i think it’s payday loans a good news for OSGi community. It’s time to payday loans online use it.

OSGi on the server side

A webinar tuesday 18h with Neil debit card payday loans Bartlett : Getting started with OSGi

The news of Costin Leau and Adrian Coyler on v1.0 payday payroll Spring OSGi