Groovy and DSL

We were lucky receiving Guillaume Laforge at Improve for a Groovy and DSL presentation.
I didn’t have time to really study script

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languages, i just take a quik look on Scala and Groovy and not on JRuby and Jython. I worried about the capacity of the developers to debug with this languages. I had a lot of problems with Javascript. We were agree with Josh Marinacci in our last exchange to say that this technology is really interesting but how we can control it. Guillaume put me at rest it’s not really a problem, developers don’t make really more mistakes than they do in Java, and now IntelliJ have a great plugin which manage debugging, color syntaxing, content assist, refactoring… The Eclipse plugin haven’t it yet but it comes.
It’s clear Groovy is a really great tool to realise DSL. The syntax is malleable and readable. His extension capacity with category concept (like in Objective C) or with operators is really great.
I forgot to ask him what’s he thinking about JavaFX. The Chris Oliver‘s DSL to create Swing UI is not based on Groovy for this reason, is it a good reason ?
For your information Guillaume has created a company G2one offering services around Groovy and Grails. The slides he shows us are available on grails-exchange. Guillaume will be at JavaPolis.
Thank’s a lot Guillaume and see you soon 😉