NetBeans and RAD

Roman Strobl presents a demo of the next version of NetBeans, the interesting thing is that we see the implementation of the JSR 296 Swing Application Framework and 295 Beans Binding. Nothing new because it’s an old fonctionnality in other GUI designer but this time it’s open-source and JSR based. Is developers waiting for this in Eclipse with a new plugin ? For me the Rapid Application Development features have to help developers not develop for us. I prefer the Eclipse approach begins with an XML language conception (XSWT) with JFace Data Binding integration and maybe Visual Editor which generate this XML and not code. Although Visual Editor generate the cleanest code, use of XML reduce the code and make it easy to maintain. Even more it separate the design work and the development, like Microsoft do with XAML in the heart of Expression Tools for the designer and Visual Studio for the developper or Adobe with MXML and FlexBuilder. NetBeans don’t forget this alternative and look around JAXX.

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  1. Are you serious about XML over code for the visual editor? Have you ever tried to merge an XML file while working on a large project? It’s nigh on impossible.

  2. I never develop a designer tool, but i don’t think it’s more compicated to generate XML than java code. For me there is not just one XML but one XML by screen. It simplify the code. But maybe it’s true and the XML design is not very interesting if you can work with a tool which mask this part and let the developer see the rest of the code.
    I think generate code for UI is an old vision now we must separate the work, like the web development, because design and development are different jobs and we must have a common description with different tools for different works.

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